Foot File

Foot File: Dual-Action for Smoother, Softer Feet

Our Foot File is expertly designed for the effective removal of rough, dry skin, calluses, and corns. Transform your feet with this essential tool, crafted to reveal smoother, softer skin beneath. Ideal for anyone seeking to maintain healthy, beautiful feet with minimal effort.

Key Features:

  • Dual Surfaces: Equipped with two distinct surfaces, fine and coarse, our Foot File caters to your specific skin needs. Whether you’re smoothing away slight roughness or tackling tougher calluses, this tool adapts to achieve the desired softness.
  • Effective Skin Removal: Say goodbye to rough, dry skin. Our Foot File is designed for the efficient removal of dead skin, calluses, and corns, ensuring your feet not only feel better but also look more appealing.
  • Gentle Yet Thorough: Regular use of our Foot File gently eradicates hard skin, promoting a softer, smoother texture. This gentle approach ensures your feet are cared for without causing unnecessary irritation.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for comfort and effectiveness, the Foot File is easy to handle, making your foot care routine straightforward and hassle-free. Achieve professional results from the comfort of your home.

Embrace Soft, Smooth Feet:

Elevate your foot care regimen with our Foot File, a must-have for anyone looking to restore or maintain the natural beauty of their feet. Perfect for use in your personal care routine, this tool ensures your feet remain soft, smooth, and ready for any occasion.



Make sure your feet are clean and dry. Remove hard skin with coarse side. Smooth rough and dry skin with the fine side.

If you have diabetes or circulation problems, ask your doctor before using. Should pain, numbness or irritation occur, immediately stop using file.

Do not use on inflamed or damaged skin.